Countdowns can’t be stopped. Or can they?

You’ve got your ticket booked, your transport arranged, a few quid in the bank and some time off work.  Everything is set.  Your friends are jealous.  Your family, although not worried, wants to know what your plans are; where you’ll be staying, if you know anyone there and how you’ll stay in touch.  Then, disaster strikes.

Take-off, is two weeks away.  Okay, so maybe not disaster, but it can sometimes feels like time has stopped.  If you’re not working, but traveling full time (with bits of work along the way), then that two weeks can seem like an eternity.  You could revise your packing list.  Pack once or twice to make sure it all fits.  Maybe you should start a blog, begin your memoirs or tackle that novel you’ve always wanted to write.  Whatever you do, you’ve got to kill some time.

Andrew Christie 2012

For me, this has been a life-long struggle.  I remember, as a child, kid, whatever, that on the night before a ski trip or even a day-trip not only couldn’t I sleep – time stood still.  You’re left with your thoughts; the anticipation of something new; something exciting; something dangerous.  Okay, okay, maybe not dangerous – but for me, travel has always been consuming.

It’s hard to imagine, now, how it took me so long to finally embrace my hunger for travel.  Perhaps it was the people I surrounded myself with or the fear of not knowing or the “Great Opportunities” I had.  I’m tired of being faced with great opportunities that you just can’t say no to, at least those that involve staying put.  If sharks stop moving, they die.  Wait, that doesn’t make any sense.  Either way, I will now create my own great opportunities.

Andrew Christie 2012

There are so many challenges, especially as we get older that can keep us in one place.  However, hard work and a sincere desire to travel, will get you everywhere you want to go, regardless of circumstance.  I promise.  Now, I realize there are sometimes instances that can make long term travel all but impossible, but even most of those can be overcome.  Always remember, you’re at most, only a day or two away from home if an emergency presented itself (barring an act of god).  If you want to travel, travel.

Andrew Christie 2012

I am going to try and look, from now on, at my two week boarding calls in a different light – I AM leaving.  I am doing EXACTLY what I want to do.  I WILL see the world.  Sometimes, I just have to wait a bit first.  So, whatever you do to get you through your two days, two weeks or two years, try and enjoy it too.  It, don’t forget, is two weeks you won’t get back and can’t take with you…

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2 Responses to Countdowns can’t be stopped. Or can they?

    • jac1981 says:

      Thanks Krystle! I didn’t know what to put in the post – those made me think of time and patience…I’m currently 9 days away from my next bout of travel.

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