Finding Paris Pricey?

Me too…

Like many travellers who inevitably wind up in the City of Light, I found it to be a tad on the expensive side.  Not unexpected, but still frustrating.  I, like many of the people I met, didn’t want to sit around and do nothing just to keep our travel budgets in check.  So, several of us, mostly solo travellers, got together and decided to

Andrew Christie 2012

grab some cheap red and hightail it to The Eiffel Tower for an impromptu picnic, or more accurately, boozefest.  For less than my frog leg lunch, we managed to piece together a meal fit for a king with, literally, all the wine you could drink.  It may not have been pretty, but we had enough meat, cheese and baguette to feed dozens and more bottles of red wine than I’d like to admit.  Not only were we well fed and, well, drunk…we did it all for under 10 Euro each – including transportation!

Andrew Christie 2012

My Frog Leg Lunch…

So, although sightseeing and eating out in Paris can be very expensive, I urge you to cast aside your manners and hop on a train.  If you arrive in the early evening, you’ll see a great light show every hour, while dining on the well kept lawn among Parisians and travellers alike.  Stick with cheap red wine (no need to chill) from the local grocer and grab your baguette from one of the countless bakeries on any corner in Paris.  Meat and cheese I’ll leave to your discretion and budget.

Andrew 2012

This also works well at any park in Paris, but the views and lights you will see from the base of the Eiffel Tower are impressive.  If you do nothing else in France, do this.  It was one of my favourite nights in Europe.  Period.

Andrew Christie 2012

And, there you have it, one of the best nights you’ll ever have – in one of the most expensive cities you can imagine – for less than the cost of a movie!

Pro Tip:  If you run out of wine, there will be people selling it near the base of the tower – don’t pay more than 5 Euro.  You can probably get it for 3…

***Pardon the quality of some of the photos, they were taken in a less than sober state with my iPhone.  It was dirty.***

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