Vancouver is a Blast – Every Night at 9:00PM

I don’t quite remember how I came to realize that Vancouver has one of the strangest traditions I’ve ever come across.  It wasn’t long until I wanted to check it out for myself.  If you happen to be in Stanley Park at ten seconds before 21:00 an alarm begins to sound, red lights flash and people in the area stand motionless in perfect unison.  Then, even though you’re expecting it – 

Andrew Christie 2012

I’ll have to get back one night before I leave Vancouver, this shot isn’t quite right. It was a 23 second exposure shot with a Canon 60D and a Sigma 10-20mm Lens. Everything was set, the shutter released and then – a small group of tourists stepped right in my firing line. Oh, well – still a neat pic.

there’s a deafening explosion as Vancouver’s 12 pound gun sparks to life and fires.  Apparently, it can be heard as far away as Mission, British Columbia over 60kms away at about 3 minutes past the hour.  The canon itself is almost 200 years old and although fired electronically now, has been sounding out the time in Vancouver’s Harbour (almost every night) since 1898.

Andrew Christie 2012

A little more on the 9 o’clock gun’s history can be found here.

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