Prague-nosis: Good Times in an Amazing City

Prague, in terms of it’s charm and absolute beauty, will probably remain one of my favourite cities forever.  It doesn’t hurt that I had a blast there, too.  Some of its history was absolutely fascinating as well and, being from North America, I never really learned much of it.

Andrew Christie 2012

I have to tell you that the SANDEMANS newEUROPE tours I took while in the Czech capital were fantastic.  I’ve had the opportunity to do 4 of these tours and can’t emphasize enough just how good they were.  Prague had to be my favourite of the 4, partly due to my Kiwi guide and partly due to the city’s rich and incredible history.  The old town, known as Praha 1 survived WWII relatively unscathed, physically, so much of it’s medieval architecture remains.

Andrew Christie 2012

The astronomical clock that can be found in the old town square is, I believe, the second oldest in the world (it’s the oldest one that still works).  Sadly, the clock was voted the second biggest disappointment in Europe and is overrun with tourists every hour for the show it performs – I still enjoyed it.

Andrew Christie 2012

The castle that overlooks the city is also not to be missed, particularly at night.  I was told that Mick Jagger apparently paid to have it lit up after being in Prague for a concert and being disappointed by the fact that the castle had no lights at night.  So, he had his lighting guys rig something up and the results speak for themselves…

Andrew Christie 2012

You absolutely must walk across the Charles Bridge.  Fantastic statues line the walls and there are vendors, musicians and artists to keep you occupied and entertained.  The views of the city from the bridge are stunning and from the other side you can take a streetcar up to the castle.  Seeing it up close is worth the trek, you won’t be disappointed.  If you have a chance, try the monk beer Sv. Norbert available at the monastery near the castle.  While you’re on the castle side, make sure to check out the John Lennon Wall, it’s quite inspiring.

Andrew Christie 2012

Prague, while not as hip, modern and trendy as many of the cities I’ve been is perfect in it’s own way.  A fantastic getaway and relatively inexpensive.  The beer flows like water, the gnocchi is some of the best I’ve had and the people are warm and friendly – you wouldn’t be able to tell by their expressions, but I found them quite welcoming.  If you haven’t been to Prague, it’s one for the list!

Tell me what you thought of your visit to the Czech Republic…

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