There have been, throughout my life, many people, places and things that have inspired me.  Whether it was what to do, where to go, or what to think there have been a lot of behind the scenes players involved.  This page is dedicated to those who helped to inform and inspire me in my travels and in my photography.  There may be links or direct references to blogs, websites or videos.  Either way, I hope you can learn and perhaps be inspired by them as well.  As I remember and come across more, they will be added.

Brendan’s Adventures – Canadian backpacker and photographer who has turned travel photography into a full-time career and has just started his own travel magazine – Vagabundo.

Adventurous Kate – Incredible young woman who travels the world, solo, and writes about her experiences and adventures.

I Backpack Canada – Canadian backpacker who has been traveling throughout Canada for years and has won awards and accolades for his efforts.  One of the first travel blogs I came across.

Andy Biggs – African Wildlife Photographer – Stunning African wildlife photography and excursions.

The Digital Picture – Informative reviews on Canon and Nikon cameras, lenses and accessories.

The Man in Seat 61 – Huge amount of train travel information for the UK and Europe, perhaps more.

Rick Steves – Legendary European travel expert.  Lots of great stuff here about traveling through Europe with budgeting in mind.

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