Hiroshima – August 6, 1945 – 8:15am

On a recent day-trip from Osaka to Hiroshima, I made sure to stop at the site of the epicenter of the world’s first nuclear bombing.  The A-Bomb Dome as it’s become known was almost directly underneath the bomb as it was detonated at 600m above ground.  Although everyone inside was killed instantly, the structure survived as it is seen here.  Efforts will be made and a fund has been set up to ensure it’s preservation forever.  The city of Hiroshima has done a remarkable job in keeping it safe for future generations as a sobering reminder of the ongoing threat that nuclear weapons pose as long as they are permitted to exist.

Andrew Christie 2012


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Kinkaku-Ji – Kyoto’s Temple of the Golden Pavillion

I only had a day to spend in Kyoto, so didn’t see as much as I’d have liked.  I did make it to the Golden Temple and I’m so glad I did.  A friend I was with remarked at how it was definitely the highlight of the day and I agreed.  Having been to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India I had a feeling this one would be worth seeing as well.  Both are stunning examples of what you can do with too much gold leaf on your hands…

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Okonomiyaki – Osaka Style

Japanese Pancakes – Who Knew?

I just had the opportunity to try Okonomiyaki for the first time while here in Osaka.  I felt I should share this experience, because quite frankly, it was amazing.  It is described as a Japanese pancake or a Japanese pizza – either way, it’s delicious.  When I got back to my hostel I immediately started searching for recipes as it seemed pretty easy to do and didn’t require any special equipment or skills.

Andrew Christie 2012

Okonomiyaki – Japanese Pancake (photo from closetcooking.com)

The best part, for me I think, is that you can put whatever you want in your Okonomiyaki.  The name itself translates to “as you like” or “what you want”.  Pure awesome.  The recipe I found seems quite simple to make and requires very few ingredients.  In the restaurant it’s prepared right in front of you on a griddle built in to your table and you can cook it yourself or have one of the servers do it for you.  A fantastic experience all around.

Japanese pancakes would make the perfect meal to get rid of just about any leftovers in your fridge.  You could also choose to go all out and load it with your favourite seafoods.  If you’ve never had this experience and don’t want to wait, try it yourself.  I can not take any sort of credit for this recipe and haven’t yet tried it myself, but if you do, please let me know how you make out.  Enjoy!

I’ve just learned that Tokyo has a different style of Okonomiyaki.  I will be trying it soon and will keep you posted!

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Funny Foto Fridays: Japanese Crossing Guard?

I have a feeling this is not as funny as I thought it was, however…

Andrew Christie 2012

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Andrew Christie 2012

Pickled Octopus!? Ueno, Tokyo, Japan…foreign.

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Prague-nosis: Good Times in an Amazing City

Prague, in terms of it’s charm and absolute beauty, will probably remain one of my favourite cities forever.  It doesn’t hurt that I had a blast there, too.  Some of its history was absolutely fascinating as well and, being from North America, I never really learned much of it.

Andrew Christie 2012

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The Simple Joys of the International Airport Lounge

It is often the case that air travel can be somewhat less than enjoyable.  Personally, I love airports.  There is a feeling of excitement that comes from the beginning of the adventure and the anonymity of flying that I crave.  However, even I have had some less than stellar experiences.  Sometimes your flight is delayed.  Sometimes you lose your wallet and passport on the way to the airport.  Other times you just so happen Continue reading

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